Mountain Movers

As part of a project with two schools in Hull, Oldfleet Primary School and Griffin Primary School, and the not for profit creative education organisation CapeUK, we have been using the arts as a way to help the children understand more about their city, explore new ideas and have a fun whilst doing it.


Kelly Garner is the Assistant Head at Oldfleet Primary School, who explained a bit more about the project:

"Many of our children have limited knowledge of the wider world and the opportunities available to them. We therefore wanted to make them more aware of the choices available and inform them of how they could achieve their goals."

We chose to use the much-loved Dr Seuss poem Oh, the places you’ll go! to help the children think about the future in a way that’s accessible and fun. The poem was chosen because it encourages us to think about our progression through life. The children worked with us to create their own animated films, as well as employing green screen technology to make some short films.


108,000 Seconds & Counting

“108,000 seconds is the average amount of time young people in Europe spend on line per week. That’s 30 hours. We hope you enjoy our journey into the online world of Europe’s young people.” Tom Bellerby, Director.

Over the course of one week in October, we explored how young people spend their time online, what it has meant to their lives and what they see as the internet’s biggest problems and greatest strengths.

The PLATFORM shift+ Youth Exchange 2016 was hosted by Pilot Theatre in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, between 22 October and 30th October.

Young people from Teatro O Bando (Portugal), Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale (Italy), Theatre Massalia (France), and Hull Truck Theatre (UK) have been brought together in Yorkshire. They have worked together and devised 108,000 seconds and Counting, a production made within the space of a week under the guidance of professional theatre and performance practitioners.