High Definition live streaming for your performance or event


We combine live editing and creative direction with high quality streaming to ensure a dynamic and engaging live webcast of your performance or event.

Pilot have been livestreaming theatre performances, conferences and events for over six years. We provide a high quality service offering the opportunity for venues, festivals and companies to stream their work live and provide their clients and audience members with the option to enjoy their events On Demand.

We have worked in association with several high profile organisations including the BBC for the York Mystery Plays, Arts Council England and Watershed Bristol as well as our ongoing collaborations with Black Theatre Live and City of York Council.

Share your work with a wider audience and increase your reach locally, nationally and internationally. With our knowledge and expertise we can make this happen for your organisation.


How it Works

We can arrange anything from a one off stand-alone event to a series of streams across the year.

Our Digital Production Team will work with you and your company to deliver webcast livestreams that meet your needs and specifications. These will be broadcast on your own player, and will also be made accessible through integration into our own website. Your livestreams will then be archived for you and built into your chosen channel.


Captioning and Subtitles

Pilot understand how important accessibility is for online content and offer to fully caption your livestream and provide translation subtitles where required.


Our Team

Pilot operate a fully HD and fully digital set up that will allow us to capture the event to disk in HD as well as stream it out to the internet live.

Our standard package comes with two camera operators and a third camera locked off for a front/wide shot. We mix the stream live, and also record it 'in camera'  so you'll end up with a range of additional shots and angles which could be edited together after the event to produce material for YouTube (or similar).

We will work with your in-house team to deliver the best quality delivery of your chosen performances or events.


Pilot are the creative company that can work with you to deliver the best possible digital livestream of your work.