Emerging Artists

I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Pilot, I would have no clue what to do. Pilot knew me as a person before I was an artist. Pilot rated me before I had any work and trusted me. I can’t wait to see another me being developed.

Pilot nurtures emerging talent and aspiring artists from all walks of life giving them the opportunity to share their voice and their art with the world. Artist development is embedded across our projects both formally and informally for creatives at all stages of their careers.

Pilot is especially committed to working with young people, listening to them, and supporting their aspirations. As a national and international theatre company, we bring together young people from different backgrounds to learn from each other, and to experience different perspectives. Pilot’s range of cultural partners, developed over many years through our national touring and co-producing networks, acts as the foundation upon which we have built our Co-Pilots advisory board.

Co-Pilots is a group of 18 to 25-year-olds representing the diverse range of young people who engage with Pilot’s projects. Meeting online allows the group of ten young people from different places across the country to connect with each other. Co-Pilots is an important progression route for young people who have engaged with our projects, whether as participants or as creators, helping to make pathways into the industry through paid work. Co-Pilots ensures that the voices of young people from all backgrounds shape our vision and thinking, and contribute to our future planning.

Alongside this, Pilot also offers bespoke placements and mentoring to those at an early stage of their careers. We have previously hosted students from the University of Derby, the University of York and York College.

We offer training, employment and shadowing opportunities – often in partnership with other organisations, such as the JMK Trust, MCGfutures, and the Regional Theatre Young Directors Scheme.