Continuing Pilot's history of International work, Boomerang is one of 12 successful projects being run by the European Commission under their Cooperation project with Third Countries - European Culture Funding Stream.

Pilot Theatre will be working with five other theatres; the Australian Theatre for Young People, Sydney; Dynamo Theatre, Montreal; Presentation House Theatre, Vancouver; Elsinor Theatre, Milan; and O Bando Theatre, Portugal, on one of the key social issues of our times and its impact on young people across continents.

Boomerang will create new theatre pieces based on collecting stories from young people in their countries about their experiences of emigration and immigration, producing seven intercontinental co-productions working with documentary and verbatim theatre along with each company's own distinct artistic style, all of which will be embedded in creative arts education projects.

Throughout the process of making the productions the companies will be able to offer a range of opportunities for young people to be fully involved in the creative process, including cultural exchanges.

We commissioned writer Emteaz Hussain to work with us on this project started with a sharing of stories in Vancouver in June 2014. This resulted in a new play, written by Emteaz entitled Outsiders, inspired by Albert Camus' L'Etranger, and a second new comission for writer Julianna Mensah who wrote A Restless Place.