The Pilot Live Streaming team have been looking at ways to support organisations whilst navigating through difficult times. Whilst on lockdown and the months that follow, our friendly team can work with you to help share content to the highest standards. If you would like to talk further please email l[email protected]

Here are some of the ways we can work with you:


Sharing Private Meetings

We can curate meetings held in private to ensure that presentations look polished. We can achieve this by choosing the best shots and live stream these meetings to the public via YouTube. 



If you are planning to hold your conference online we can work in a curatorial role to vision mix Zoom style interviews along with pre-existing film, graphics and and slides. We can also include captions and provide a BSL screen. By bringing all these elements together, your delegates will be able to watch a professional style conference with ease from their home base. 


Festival Support

If you are planning to run an online festival we can help facilitate and run two live streams, mixed simultaneously at the same time and available for viewers to watch on your website or social media platforms. We can also include captions and provide a BSL screen and help sort out donation buttons to run along your live stream events.     


Presenting Existing and New Content in a New Ways

We can lift pre-existing film from your YouTube channel, edit and merge films together and integrate new introductions for you to show to your audiences as well as record and share new digital content. This will give you fresh opportunities to connect and to make approaches for donations.


Livestream Planning for the Future

Do talk to us about livestreaming/capturing, post lockdown. It may be there is a period where you will be able to livestream or record in venues either without audiences or limited numbers, we have the skills to help you. You might be considering live streaming behind a pay wall or setting up digital tickets for events or are keen to gather new content to show at a later time.