We work closely with you to understand more about the event you are planning to livestream and what you are trying to achieve. If necessary arrange a site visit.  

We are then able to suggest the best way to deliver your livestream which would include how many cameras and where they should be positioned (to get close up shots, wide and audience shots etc). We can take directions from you in advance and will do our best to get the most useful shots for you.

Our standard package comes with two camera operators and a third camera locked off for wide shots. All the camera feeds are mixed live which means that the online audience gets the best possible experience of the event from different angles.

We recommend the use of You Tube as a platform to livestream your event which can also be embedded onto your own website and we will help set this up for you. There are YouTube stats available to help you analyse your online audience.
If you are looking at making a promotional film from the livestream footage to use on your various platforms, as long as we know this intention in advance we can record the event as well which will then available to edit at a later stage. The unedited livestream will be available for you to build into your chosen channel.