6th February 2014 – 4th March 2014

Ghost Town (2014)

An east coast beach.  A cold October dawn.

A young woman lies unconscious on the tide line. Joe stands over her watching, panicking. He is hiding a secret so dark he will do anything to make sure she won't tell.

Joe's world is about to explode.

Megan has found herself somewhere that seems familiar.  What is she searching for and why does she recognize the young man at the waters edge washing his hands?

Can Megan help stop Joe's self destruction?

Together Joe and Megan struggle to make sense of their shared past and the mismatched versions of the events that have brought them to this place.

This thrilling story is about lost friendship, memory and what it means to be courageous.

Written by Jessica Fisher, Directed by Katie Posner and presented in association with LOV (Lincolnshire One Venues)