Magic.Net International Project (2005-8)

Magic Net began as a three year European project in which Pilot worked with 14 different companies from across Europe. In 2005 the project was extended until 2008 thanks to EU funding from Culture 2000.


The exchange between young people (15-25) as part of this project was parallel to that of the professionals. The art educators and the teachers were the intermediate contacts who realised this exchange. All companies have different ways of working with their young audiences; this can vary from specific youth clubs run by the art educator of the company or work with schools in the city or region where the language or history teacher is highly involved. Some companies work with specific groups of disabled or socially isolated young people. Each company developed its own relation with the young people according to their system of working. They all involve the young people in the exchange process, not only as audiences... The young people were also active participants who  worked with the classic texts themselves, exchanged their ideas and images, made co-productions through the internet, or had a 'life exchange' of additional resources, as was the case in the project European Schoolyard stories.


The initial three year program of activities had the following yearly structure:


  1. Further education through a program of workshops taking place in different countries in the period November to December
  2. A program of exchange between the companies (touring of theatre-productions, production and touring of co-productions and working with young audiences) and exchange between young people.
  3. The annual meeting took place in June 2008 in the framework of an international festival which was targeted towards large-scale audiences.
  4. The project resulted in two productions: Adopt a Soldier and A Midsummer Night’s Dream