The Railway King

Inspired by the civic life of railway entrepreneur George Hudson, this unique digital walk guides you through the streets of the city centre, following the legacy of this influential figure.

Featuring voices from the past, as imagined by the local community today, The Railway King was designed as an activity to accompany and live on beyond the production of In Fog and Falling Snow.

You can complete the walk en-route to the National Railway Museum, or you can download or stream the audio on-demand with accompanying script and map.


We've also provided a map, with the locations and route charted. You will find a JPEG and PDF map available below so that you can print and take with you or keep on your phone as you walk and listen to the audio.

Download map as JPEG

Download map as PDF


You can download a PDF of the script, researched and written by Oliver O'Shea. You can view this online, print it out, read it at home or whilst you walk the route.
Download script as PDF
Download script as Word Document