10th – 28th November 2008

This Child (2008)

Pilot Theatre in association with Company of Angels and The Junction

By Joel Pommerat

Translated by Nigel Gearing

Directed by Suzann McLean


 "This child will give me strength
I'm going to show them just who I am. 
I'm going to show them that I'm not who they think I am..."


Everyone is someone's child; every family has its own story.

Drawing on interviews with real parents bringing up their children on a housing estate in Normandy, this play is remarkable in its intensity and truth.


In a series of conversations and confrontations This Child exposes the complexities of parent/child relationships. Scenes of passion, blame and awkwardness are followed in quick succession by moments of tenderness and understanding in a poignant examination of this most fundamental of human bonds.


"I didn't choose you. I didn't choose to have a father like you.
I didn't choose you either. I didn't choose to have a son like you."


A major critical success in the original French, This Child won the Critics Association Award for Best Play in 2006