The Happiness Project

Exploring what it means to be happy is vitally important to the lives of young people today.

The Happiness Project is an interactive experience that explores joy and happiness in young adults aged 14-25. The project takes the form of a science fiction story and is experienced using a branching narrative and game-like structure. The project will bring together elements of theatre and gaming.

The Happiness Project was originally conceived to be played by up to 30 people at one time, lending itself well to school groups, and in spaces such as offices, studio theatres and school halls. In light of the current pandemic situation, the team are addressing concerns around social distancing and looking at moving more of the project online, which will vastly increase the number of participants, but also help to reduce barriers to accessibility.

Part One of The Happiness Project is currently in development and will be released in Spring 2021

The project has been funded by XR Stories and PlayOn!


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