Abigail’s Party (2005)

Mike Leigh’s classic play that has inspired writers and performers for the last 25 years since it was first produced. The cracks of middle class suburbia are ripped wide open while the 15 year old Abigail is across the road at her first punk party in 1977…

The characters of Beverly, Angela, Laurence, Tony and Sue have been etched into the psyche of a generation, and with this production at York Theatre Royal with Pilot Theatre promised a few surprises as the comedy careers towards its shocking climax.

Beverly and Laurence are holding a get together at 13 Richmond Road. They have invited new neighbours Angela and Tony and the recently divorced Sue whose daughter is having a party. The alcohol flows, the side swipes bite and the tensions rise in this acerbic comedy masterpiece which unfolds against the backdrop of the decaying end of 70’s excess and punk explosion, culminating in Laurence’s shocking death…

Directed by Marcus Romer

Designed by Emma Donovan

Lighting Design by James Farncombe.