Blackbird (2011)

Why now? Why here? What does she want from him?

He was 40. She was 12. It wasn’t right, but despite what they said he was never ‘one of those’. Ray has done his time. Now, 15 years later, he just wants to get on with his new life. But today she has come and found him again.

George Costigan (Emmerdale, Rita, Sue and Bob too) takes on the role of Ray in this unflinching portrait of two people trying to make sense of a painful past.

Winner of the 2007 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play.


Katie Posner’s short, tight production ramps up the pace and tension… Charlie Covell’s damaged Una is brittle and brusque… There’s no denying the disturbing power of the dialogue… or the strength of the performances from Covell and a memorable George Costigan as Ray.” The Scotsman ****

George Costigan as Ray and Charlie Covell as Una handle the subject sympathetically… Nothing and no-one can hide and Lydia Denno’s unforgiving set.” What’s On Stage ****

You could hear a pin drop…”¬†The Herald ****

a pitch-perfect, intelligent realisation of this brilliant script… this is by quite a long way the best piece of theatre I’ve seen at the Theatre Royal’s Studio… you will be engrossed, astounded and quite likely moved by this powerful piece of theatre.”¬†British Theatre Guide

George Costigan’s Ray and Charlie Covell’s Una are consistently electrifying… they pulse and vibrate with energy” The Observer ****

Education Resource

The production was accompanied by an educational resource for teachers and students studying Blackbird.

Blackbird Education Resource PDF