Lord of the Flies (1998-2009)

Lord of the Flies is one of Pilot’s longest running shows it has played to over 500,000 people in 60 venues over ten years. The latest iteration of the show was in 2009.

A plane has crashed on an uninhabited island. The only survivors are a group of school boys. There are no homes or schools, no adults, no rules and before long the boys’ fragile sense of order begins to collapse. With the discovery of ‘the beast’, their games take on a more sinister significance and this once well-behaved group of children quickly turns into a bloodthirsty, murderous tribe.

The TMA award nominated and Manchester Evening News award-winning production Lord of the Flies is an inspirational piece of theatre true to the vision of William Golding, the novel’s author. Lord of the Flies has enjoyed great critical acclaim, playing to over 500,000 people in over 60 different venues during the last ten years. We have performed this over 750 times…and counting…


William Golding meets Quentin Tarantino” The Financial Times

Brilliantly evoked…see it and weep”  Time Out

Terrifying and exhilarating production…heart stopping” The Guardian

Visceral production…thrillingly choreographed” The Independent

Brilliant – Stunning production…superb ensemble…skilful direction, if you see nothing else, see this.” Manchester Evening News

This is a superb production of which everyone involved can be proud” The Scotsman

Education Resource

The production was accompanied by an educational resource for teachers and students studying Lord of the Flies.

Lord of the Flies Education Resource PDF


You can listen to Sandy Nutgens’ soundtrack for Lord of the Flies on Spotify.

Directed by Marcus Romer

Designed by Ali Allen and Marise Rose

Soundtrack by Sandy Nuttgens

Lighting design by James Farncombe

AV Arnim Friess

Asst Director Katie Posner

Movement Hannah Priddle

Relights James Molyneux