Rumble Fish (2000)

Pilot’s show, S.E Hinton’s cult classic Rumble Fish, toured in the Autumn of 2000.

Adapted for the stage from S.E. Hinton’s book by Marcus Romer, Rumble Fish explores the themes of gang culture and the search for identity.

I was so glad the Motorcycle Boy came home. He was the coolest person in the whole world. Even if he hadn’t been my brother he would have been the coolest person in the whole world. And I was going to be just like him’.

Rusty-James idolises his older brother, the Motorcycle Boy, who has disappeared from the small town where they live with their alcoholic father. Since he has been gone Rusty has relied on his brother’s reputation to lead his gang.


You can listen to Sandy Nutgens’ soundtrack for Rumblefish.