A Guide to Now for those in the Future

A time capsule crafted with the creative minds of young people.

This unique installation remixes collected footage and interviews in a vibrant explosion of sight and sound. A Guide to Now for those in the Future explores the emotions, dreams and fears of young people from 2024 captured in fleeting moments, snap shots and passing interviews.

Witness their thoughts, hopes, opinions  and struggles in their own words woven into a tapestry of sight and sounds Рan evocative exploration of human connection and being young in 2024.

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International Hack Camp

Join us for two days with amazing mentors from German company Tinker Tank – hacking recycled objects using micro controllers, sensors, googly eyes, and more! No programming experience necessary. Bring old objects to life with your imagination!

For ages 12 – 15.

More info and tickets

Would you, your school or youth group like to contribute to the project? Email for more info on how to take part.

More opportunities to take part will be announced soon.