Catcher (2010)

New York, December 8, 1980

Mark Chapman shoots and kills John Lennon.

A hotel room, December 7, 1980.

Mark Chapman opens The Catcher in the Rye and reads as the book’s hero Holden Caulfield brings an escort to his hotel room. To talk. Mark picks up the phone and does the same.

Twenty-four hours later John Lennon is dead.

No one knows what took place in that hotel room on Mark’s last night of anonymity. Until now. A woman comes forward with her story – a girl in a green dress trapped in a New York hotel room – the story of John, Holden and Mark Chapman.

Remixed, re-lived, re-imagined.

Award winning writer Richard Hurford’s stunning play explores the fatal attraction of fame and obsession. A man obsessed with Holden Caulfield, the fictional protagonist of J.D. Salinger’s novel Catcher in the Rye… This is the story of Mark Chapman – the man who shot John Lennon – on his last night of anonymity.

Resource Pack

The production was accompanied by an marketing pack that includes interviews.

Catcher Marketing Pack PDF