International Indian Film Awards VIII (2007)

Pilot Theatre created the Opening Sequence for the prestigious 2007 International Indian Film Awards Ceremony.

The ceremony took place on June 9th 2007 at Sheffield Arena with an audience of 15,000 and a Global TV audience of 500 million.

Directed by Marcus Romer and Kully Thiarai, with choreography by Darshan Singh Buller, stunning visuals from KMA and featuring dancers, aerial artists, a special version of the Kaiser Chiefs “Ruby” featuring Johnny Kalsi and a special appearance by the students of Philimore School, this was a suitably spectacular opening to such a prestigous ceremony.

Marcus Romer – Pilot Theatre

Kully Thiarai – Leicester Haymarket

Kit Monkman – KMA – video

Ali Allen – Design

Darshan Singh Buller – Choreography

Viva Aerial Dance – Aerial Dance

Contemporary Dancers – Dance

Sandy Nuttgens – Mezzo – Sound/mixing

Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby

Johnny Kalsi – Dhol Foundation – drums

Becky Graham – costumes

Mark Beasley – Production

Tom Wexler – Filming