What Light (2011)

Written by Richard Hurford with Giuditta Mingucci, directed by Katie Posner

2061 and it’s a whole different world. No school, no shops, no internet. No escape from the rain that keeps falling. No way out of a life filled with fear and hate.

Fourteen year old Sid wants to know why Grandpa hates the world so much, but Grandpa keeps his secrets. Then one day Sid meets a girl with blood on her hands and everything begins to change. Together they discover that life wasn’t always like this and find out what really happened to all the bright lights and good stuff.

For What Light Pilot worked with the final year students from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, What Light was one of the new plays to be commissioned for young people as part of Platform 11+, a European Culture 2008 project with 12 countries across Europe.


Designed by Ilaria Ariemme

Lighting & Sound by Alexander Morgan-

Stage Manager – Jamie Clelland

Assistant Stage Manager – Blair Ormond

Assistant Stage Manager – Jack Hirst


Lynsey- Anne Moffat – Nancy

Daniel Cameron – Sid

Chris Towner – Jones/ Grandpa Dan

Sean Wildey – Grandpa Jack